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Under what circumstances should coal mine fans be shut down in an emergency?

The fan is specially designed and manufactured for the chemical industry and the equipment that is corrosive to general steel when the toxic gas is input. The fan not only achieves ventilation, but also greatly prolongs the service life. The fan seal adopts advanced mechanical seal, which solves the axial leakage problem of the coal mine fan under high pressure.

The fan is made of high-quality steel plate, which has high strength and good durability, and has undergone strict dynamic and static balance correction. The air performance is good, the efficiency is high, and the operation is stable. Under what circumstances does the fan need to be turned off urgently? let us see.

Emergency shutdown: When one of the following situations occurs during the trial operation of the unit, it should be shut down immediately.

1. The electric fan suddenly oscillates violently and exceeds the trip value.

2. There is scratching sound or abnormal friction sound inside the vehicle body.

3. Any coal mine fan bearings or seals will smoke, or the bearing temperature will rise sharply to the alarm value.

4. When the oil pressure is lower than the alarm value and cannot return to normal.

5. The liquid level of the fuel tank is low, and there is air suction.

6. The shaft displacement value increases obviously and reaches the alarm value.

The emergency stop operation of the fan is to press the stop button of the main motor, and perform inspection and protection after the stop.

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