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Tunnel jet fan in two forms

 Two Forms of tunnel jet fans Tunnel blowers are divided into unidirectional SDS and bidirectional SDS(R). 1. Blower body, muffler, support foot: the steel plate CNC automatic welding and mechanism forming, the appearance of the surface coating treatment, to ensure the strength of the blower and corrosion prevention. 2, blower impeller: In order to meet the needs of tunnel ventilation, SDS series blower can change the number of blades and blower blade Angle. 3, muffler: the length of the muffler is usually twice the diameter of the blower, when the noise requirements are high, you can also take twice the diameter of the blower, the muffler and the blower body with bolts fixed. 4. Auxiliary motor :SDS series jet blower auxiliary motor is fully enclosed squirrel cage, motor is equipped with flange mounting disc, motor insulation class is h, anticorrosion class is IP55, motor outlet cable can be connected to the distribution box of blower body shell, motor has lubricating oil nozzle, 5. Reversible conversion time of blower: in an emergency, the positive and negative conversion time of jet blower is very important. SDS(R) blower has two conversion methods: electronic and mechanical, which can be converted to the rated speed of blower within 30 seconds. 1. Operators must operate in strict accordance with the operating rules. 2. Check the supply voltage before connecting the power supply each time to observe whether the reading number of the voltmeter is within the specified range. If the voltage is too high or too low, the fan motor will be damaged. Check whether there is garbage around and inside the control panel, whether there is water, and whether the electrical components are damp. Clean up other garbage around the blower.

3. Check whether the ventilation belt is perfect, whether there are other garbage around to affect the ventilation, and inform the construction personnel in the hole to start ventilation. 4, start the blower, observe whether the control panel is working normally, the positive and negative status of the motor, the ammeter reading is in the normal range, etc. When the motor reverses direction, the impeller stops completely and the power is switched on again. Observe the ventilation conditions of the ventilation belt, such as barrier-free, leakage, etc. In the process of operation, it is necessary to constantly observe the running condition of the fan, the number of ammeter read, whether there is abnormal sound, etc. When an exception is found, stop running immediately. After the fault is rectified, switch on the power again. Do not run with the fault. 5. After shutdown, turn off the power, lock the control cabinet, and carefully hand over. 6. Add lithium grease to the bearing of the blower every week, check whether the blade of the blower is deformed every month, clean the dust on the blade of the blower with a dry brush, and do not clean it with water. 7. When removing the fan blades in maintenance, the blades should be marked, and the blades should be installed in situ to avoid damaging the balance of the rotor. 8. When the ventilator is out of service for a long time, the control cabinet should be covered with anti-humidity treatment and the blower should be closed. Other requirements: 1. The setting place of the tunnel fan is on the plane, and it must be staggered with the reservation hole room, the change place of the liner, the construction joint, etc. 2. Pull out test of more than 20 times the installation load must be carried out before installation of blower. 3. After the blower is installed, the horizontal height difference of the blower shaft is above 4mm. 4. The distance between the lowest position line of the blower installation and the building boundary line should be more than 20cm. 5. The embedded material and fixing bolts (anchors) of the installed blower must bear more than 20 times the static load of the blower. 6. Blower embedding materials, fixing bolts (anchors) and blower installation need to be installed by professional blower installation companies.


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