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Why is it a high -efficiency axis fans?

Everyone must have a general understanding of the tunnel fan. The construction environment of the tunnel fan is in the tunnel, and there are many models, such as the SDF and SDS series of tunnel fans, and the well -received tunnel firous fans.

These fans have the same advantages: fast speed, large air volume, low noise, and more energy saving. Energy -saving is actually very important. After all, it is often related to work efficiency. Why is it a high -efficiency axis fans?

Tunnel fan is divided into two types of air transplantation in one direction of SDS SDS and two -way falling fans. The then landing fans have two types of switching forms of electronic and machine -type. They can be switched to the additional speed of the fan within 30 minutes. The tunnel fan is equipped with a generator, and the flange device disk is changed. The insulation title of the generator is H -level, and the anticorrosive title is IP55. Device to reduce its noise.

The tunnel fan is mainly used in the air -transparent ventilation of tunnels or traffic tunnels, and fire smoke exhausting when the fire alarm is on the spot. The characteristics of bento can play a main role in the tunnel. It is a low pressure, low noise, and high -efficiency axis flow fan.

Why is it a high -efficiency axis fans? The incomplete replacement of air will occur in the incident, so it requires a tunnel firing fan for air replacement. The various functional goals of the tunnel fan and the skills, quality requests and economic goals of resistance to erosion, relief, economy, and economic goals can completely conform to the practice of tunnels such as water conservancy dams, railways, highways, and subways.

In order to ensure that the soft linked tunnel fan is not distorted during the fragmented operation process, the thickness of the device should be appropriate. Regarding the fans installed in the fan, the installation can be slightly tight, preventing the wind turbine inhaled, and narrowing the section of the canvas hose. The steel bracket of the tunnel fan must be fixed on the bottom of the concrete, and the rubber vibration pad must be added between the steel bracket of the fan and the bottom.

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