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Anti-corrosion measures for coal mine fans

 After a long period of use, the fan is inevitably affected by the corrosion of the working environment. That's why more effective preventive measures are needed. In order to avoid sediment corrosion and understand the extension of the normal service life of the machine, I will introduce to you the anti-corrosion measures of the coal mine fan.

1. According to the separation of material requirements and mechanical types and main parameters, and according to the corrosion resistance of different materials in different environments, coal mines of different materials are selected; taking into account physical and chemical properties and cost-effectiveness, high-strength fissile materials will be extracted from benchmarks, Of course, the material itself is safe for the material in question.

2. Scheduling the mechanical structure of the coal mine fan can prolong the life and safety of the tail steel bar, and it is easy to accelerate corrosion, stress concentration and separator. Changes in the chemical and electrochemical state of the internal solution lead to dangerous corrosion.

3. The basic method of anti-corrosion is to separate the corrosion-environmental structures, which usually adopt surface treatment processes, such as flanges, galvanized, chrome, chemical coatings, etc., which require reflection on an important phenomenon.

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