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How to use the mine fan to the best state?

 The fan is a complex device, mainly composed of air inlet, damper, impeller, motor, air outlet, etc. Under different working conditions, the effect of the fan is different, so the operating conditions of different components are not uniform. This may affect the effectiveness of mine fans. There are many ways to set your fan to its optimum condition.

(1) Full-voltage starting or step-down electric fans are allowed, but it should be noted that the full-voltage starting current is about 5-7 times the rated current, and the step-down starting torque is proportional to the square of the voltage. Staged launches should be used.

(2) When debugging the fan, carefully read the product manual to check whether the wiring method conforms to the wiring diagram; carefully check whether the operating voltage of the fan power supply meets the requirements, whether the phases of the power supply are different or in the same phase, and whether the capacity of the electrical components meets the requirements.

3. When debugging, there should be no less than 2 people. One person controls the power supply, and the other inspects the operation of the fan. If there is any abnormality, stop it immediately and check; first check whether the rotation direction is correct; after the fan starts, immediately check whether the operating current of each phase is balanced. Whether the rated current is exceeded; if there is any abnormality, stop checking, after running for 5 minutes, stop the fan to check whether there is any abnormality, and restart after confirming that there is no abnormality.

4. When debugging the two-speed fan, first start the low-speed mine fan to check whether the rotation direction is correct; when starting the high-speed fan, start it after the fan is stopped to avoid the switch from tripping and the high-speed inverter from damaging the motor.

5. When the fan reaches the normal speed, measure whether the input current of the fan is normal, whether the operating current of the fan does not exceed the rated current, and if the operating current exceeds the rated current, check whether the power supply voltage is normal.

The motor power required by the fan refers to the high power required by the fan and fan cover when the air inlet is fully opened under certain operating conditions. If the air inlet is fully opened for operation, there is a risk of damage to the motor. When the fan is running, it is best to close the valve of the fan inlet and outlet pipelines, and gradually open the valve after operation until the required operating conditions are reached. It should be noted that the operating current of the fan should exceed the rated current, and the debugging of the fan should be carried out in strict accordance with the above debugging methods, so that the power of the fan can reach more than 98%.

As the distance between the static plate and the moving plate increases, the influence of the current disturbance is much greater than the influence of the wake velocity, and the effect of the blade as a sound barrier weakens with the passage of time. It can be seen that at least three parameters have an impact on the disturbance noise: The shape velocity field of the blade of the mine fan, the alignment interval of the blade and the small interval sound on the radiation surface of the blade produce two acoustic effects. If the force pulse generated by the interference field of the stator makes the rotor a sound source, the stator is a sound barrier.

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