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How to do the daily maintenance and maintenance of cabinet centrifugal fan

 Cabinet centrifugal fan has now become a household name of high-quality fan products, its ultra-high performance has been recognized by the majority of users, but we must do a good job in the application process of daily maintenance and maintenance work, only in this way can make its performance fully displayed, today we give you a detailed introduction:

1. The fan blades should be cleaned regularly every six months to prolong the service life of the fan;

2. The air inlet network port of the fan should be kept smooth;

3, the belt should be adjusted regularly every three months;

4, the fan motor should pay attention to waterproof and keep clean;

5, air outlet to ensure that louver open more than 70%;

6, continuous use time is not more than 8-10 hours;

7, cabinet centrifugal fan switch is best to use magnetic control button switch, to prevent bad contact burn the motor.

We must do a good job of the daily maintenance and maintenance of the cabinet centrifugal fan, only in this way can its performance be fully displayed, so as to extend its service life and improve our work efficiency.

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