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Under what circumstances can the tunnel fan not be used?

    With the development of society, high-rise buildings have appeared one after another, and the demand for tunnel axial flow fan is also increasing.The field of tunnel fan is more widely used.But sometimes the tunnel axial flow fan doesn't work, so let's take a look at this point for you.
    The tunnel axial flow air organization composed of fan impeller and casing is easy to make.The tunnel axial flow fan is normally used when the flow request is high, but when the wind pressure request is low.Wang Wen shengyi, the axial flow fan is parallel to the axial flow fan and other cyclones, and the air conditioner outside the machine is in our daily career is stopped according to the axial flow law.
    So where does the tunnel fan stop?In general, there are two types of downtime: one is normal program downtime, and the other is emergency downtime in special cases.During the normal shutdown of the tunnel axial fan, pull the explosion-proof switch shutdown button first, pull the control handle of the tunnel axial fan to the power-off position, and lock it to stop the power supply.
    Under normal circumstances, the temperature of the fan shell is generally greater than 80 degrees Celsius. At this time, the sound of the tunnel axial flow fan suddenly changes, the speed drops, and misoperation occurs. The temperature of the power supply cable superheater is too high to prevent adhesion.The ROM is happening.These phenomena all represent the tunnel fans.Not operating properly.To make the correct judgment, you must immediately press the stop button, turn off the power supply and stop running.

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