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How do mining fan manufacturers choose fan materials?

 When choosing an electric fan, attention should be paid to the selection of materials used, because there are many types of electric fans. If the material is not selected properly, it will affect the future use. Let us learn more about the selection method of fan raw materials.


Mining fan manufacturers The fan for transporting high-temperature gas mainly considers the change of materials at high temperature, and general materials cannot be used. When the temperature of general carbon steel exceeds 300°C, its mechanical properties will drop sharply. Therefore, when the medium temperature is greater than 300°C, heat-resistant materials should be used. When the medium temperature is greater than 700 °C, high temperature resistant alloy steel should be selected, that is, steel containing nickel and chromium should be selected.


In order to avoid accidents, when the fan transports gas media with low flammable and explosive levels, the fan casing can be made of steel plate, and the impeller can be made of aluminum. In this way, when the aluminum impeller collides or rubs against the steel shell, there will be no spark formation accidents. However, when the fan transports a gas medium with a high level of flammability and explosion, the impeller and casing of the fan must be made of aluminum.


If the medium conveyed by the fan contains certain dust, sand or particulate matter, such as coal powder, sand ash and similar substances, if the mining fan manufacturer chooses a general fan, it is necessary to install a dust removal device before the fan inlet to make the dust in the gas The dust content is less than 150g/m3. If the dust removal effect does not meet the requirements, or the dust passes directly through the fan due to system planning requirements, a wear-resistant fan should be considered.


The wear-resistant fan mainly solves the problem of wear resistance of the blades. In order to make the blade wear-resistant, carburize the blade surface, spray aluminum oxide or surfacing tungsten carbide wear-resistant layer to increase the service life of the impeller.


The main transport medium of corrosion-resistant centrifugal fans is corrosive substances, such as acid, alkali, salt and other corrosive chemical gases. The main problem with fans is the corrosion resistance of the material. Generally, ferrosilicon alloy or aluminum alloy and nodular cast iron can be used, and spraying process can also be used.


Explosion-proof fan, because the gas medium transported by the fan is carbon monoxide, petroleum gas and chemical gas, the medium contains flammable and explosive components. When the rotor of this type of fan is made of ordinary carbon steel materials, due to the collision between parts or the absorption of impurities such as sand and iron filings in the rotor, sparks will be generated, resulting in gas combustion and explosion, causing accidents.


When using a fan, attention should be paid to the selection of materials. If you choose improperly, accidents such as blasting, equipment damage, and personal safety may occur.

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