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How to determine the angle and direction of the output fan?

 There will be some problems in any fan in the process of use. These problems can be large or small. Essence Whether it is tunnel fan, a fans, other fan is the same. There are some problems in the occurrence of the emergence of the infiltration fan because the air outlet and rotation of the inferior fan can be judged to ensure normal use. How to determine the angle and direction of the output fan?

The problem of the angle of the wind machine and the choice is actually not just a small problem. It is also related to the installation of the scene and the connection problem of a pipeline. If the angle of this exit is connected, it can reduce the workload and reduce the use of some elbows, which can also reduce the chance of failure and make the campaign better use. So this outlet is very particular. And the spin of the fan is confused to many people. Why is this? In fact, the rotation represents which side of the impeller rotates. The rotation direction of the impeller is only to the left and right. So how to determine it? It is to look at the motor used in tunnel fan and fan, and observe the impeller towards the motor. How to determine the angle and direction of the output fan? The right rotation of the impeller rotates clockwise, otherwise it is Lev. Of course, a simpler method is to directly look at the nameplate of the fans we purchased. The nameplate generally contains the parameters of the fan and there will be an arrow target. Rotation.

Only by determining the direction can he be sure of his exit angle. Generally speaking, there are seven export angles, (0 °, 45 °, 90 °, 135 °, 180 °, 225 °, 270 °) each angle is divided into left rotation or rotation to the right, so it always comes It is said that there are fourteen types. The angle of exports and rotation to us can judge the fans, and the manufacturer can better make a fan.

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