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Coal mine fan manufacturers teach you how to clean the fan coil?

The fan coil unit, also known as the central air-conditioning terminal unit, is composed of a low-noise motor, a coil, etc. After the indoor and outdoor mixed air is cooled or heated by the surface cooler, it is led to the room by the fan to reduce or increase the indoor air temperature. Contains a lot of impurities and dust particles. Under the action of long-term rotation recovery force, the fan is full of dust, which will affect the range of temperature rise and fall when the hot and cold air is exchanged. When the fan is used for one or two years, the aluminum fins of the fan should be cleaned thoroughly , When coal mine fan manufacturers clean the aluminum fins of the fan, first remove the fan motor and fan impeller, and then check the use of the motor and capacitor, especially in summer, when there is too much condensed water, a large number of algae and fungi will grow in the condensed water drain pipe , Block the condensate drain, so special attention must be paid to the cleaning and maintenance of the tray, and regular disinfection.

In addition to cleaning the fan coil and collection coil, coal mine fan manufacturers should also disinfect and sterilize the water pipes. In order to prevent bacterial growth and coil blockage, a special disinfection sheet for fan coil can be placed on the collection coil of the fan coil.

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