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How to play the function of centrifugal fan?

 First of all, many users may lack enough understanding and do not know that we can start the centrifugal fan in full pressure or step-down state.However, we must make sure that the grid is full when we start the equipment at full voltage.This is because the current in the equipment is up to five to seven times the rated current during full voltage start-up, and if the grid capacity is insufficient, this form of step-down start-up is needed to avoid equipment failure.

Secondly, when conducting trial operation of the newly arrived centrifugal fan, we must ensure that the operation is carried out in accordance with the specific instructions, especially pay attention to check whether the circuit isnormal.Otherwise, if there is a problem with the circuit, it may cause a series of problems. Note that during the trial operation of the equipment, at least two staff should be on site, one staff is to control the power supply, and the other staff needs to pay attention to observe the operation status of the equipment.
Note that if any adverse problems are found, the centrifugal fan must be shut down in time. Then check and repair the equipment. After repair, wait five minutes and then try again.

Even if the equipment is in normal operation, we need to measure whether the input current value is within the normal range. If the range is exceeded, the equipment also needs to be shut down and checked and repaired.

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