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What is the style of the front disc of the impeller of the coal mine fan?

 The impeller front of the high-pressure centrifugal fan generally has the right front, conical front, front and other forms of coal mine fans.

Regarding the air circuit, the front wheel and the D' circuit are not compatible. The blade channel of the propeller outer diameter of the air high pressure fan is much larger than the propeller inner diameter. Due to the locomotive, not only the airflow of the blades, but also the airflow of the impeller cannot meet the outer diameter of the impeller, resulting in eddy currents and power consumption, thereby reducing the efficiency of the high-pressure centrifuge.

The air passage of the conical front plate of the coal mine fan is better than that of the flat front plate, but the cross-section of the flow passage between the wings does not achieve uniform or uniform diffusion. As a result, the leaf channels are always leaking, affecting the technology easily added by blower manufacturers to flat front panels.

The arc of the arc front disc is determined by the cross section between the arc front disc and the arc front disc or the diffusion cross section of the flow channel. The slice of the knife is thus the flow constant in the blade channel. Therefore, wheels with curved front wheels are generally more efficient than flat and tapered front wheels, but more complex than wheels. before. From an economic point of view, it is best to use the arc-shaped front panel produced in series by coal mine fans.

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