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What is the relationship between the angle of the fan blade and the air volume of the mine fan?

 The fan blade is an indispensable part of the fan, and it has a certain similarity with the fan blades of the common electric fans in our life. The air volume of the electric fan is related to the fan blades, so what is the relationship between the fan blades and the air volume? The angle of the blades of the mining fan is different, and the air volume at the outlet is also different. Let's talk about the relationship between the blade angle and the air volume of the mining fan in detail.

1. The main parameters for the performance measurement of mining fans are the wind pressure, air volume and power under different working conditions at a certain fan blade angle.

Changing the angle of the leading vanes can change the air velocity at the inlet of the fan, thus changing the pressure generated by the fan.

Second, several ways to realize the economical operation of mining fans

1. Reduce the radial clearance of the fan

1) Partially replace the casing. In order to prevent the cylinder close to the moving blade from being deformed due to bumps and vibrations, the casing can be divided into two sections here, and a 30mm thick ring is processed and galvanized. Anti-corrosion treatment, use this ring to connect two shells together. The modification cost is relatively small, and the casing can be prevented from being deformed.

2) For those fans with large radial gaps and small casing deformation, the method of increasing the length of the fan blades can be used to shrink and unload to the gaps to improve the volumetric efficiency of the fans.

3) For those mine fan casings with large ellipticity or partial out-of-tolerance, the method of repairing the inner wall of the casing can be used. Add talcum powder and epoxy resin and stir it into a paste evenly, then add dibutyl fat and ethylenediamine , Stir evenly, and the inner wall of the casing should be derusted before applying. Although this method cannot completely solve the deformation and evenly fill the voids, this method is simple to operate, economical to construct, and has certain practical value.

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