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Introduction of materials used in centrifugal fans.

 The centrifugal fan is a machine used for ventilation, dust removal and refrigeration on the market. Its application reduces the hazards caused by indoor ventilation in buildings. All the materials used in the centrifugal fan itself are its main materials, including the shell, The material of the impeller and air inlet should be related to many types. In order to apply to different working conditions and process standards, the corresponding materials and models are also different.

One is carbon steel, which is a material used in general centrifugal fans. It refers to iron-carbon alloy steel with a carbon content of less than 2.11%. This type of material is characterized by easy processing and low price. It is suitable for most materials at room temperature and Centrifugal fans free of smoke and corrosion.

The other main material is FRP, which is also what we call glass fiber reinforced plastics, a common material for general anti-corrosion centrifugal fans. This kind of material has excellent anti-corrosion characteristics, and is resistant to corrosion of various acids, alkalis and salts. FRP centrifugal fans are used in a lot of gas treatment in the chemical industry. Stainless steel is also a common main material of centrifugal fans, but it does not refer to only one material, but a type including more than 100 actual materials, mainly including austenite, martensite, ferrite, duplex stainless steel and other types , is a common main material for anti-corrosion centrifugal fans and high-temperature centrifugal fans, which can resist corrosion and heat.

In addition, some centrifugal fans will choose plastic as their main material, usually PP. But because its strength is lower than that of FRP, its scope of application is small, and large-scale ones are rare, but because of its special characteristics, it may be used in anti-corrosion fans. In addition, there are also centrifugal fans made of special materials such as titanium, steel-lined plastic, steel-lined FRP, and composite materials. Although they are not common, they will also play an important role in specific fields.

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