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What are the modes of the tunnel radi fans software control?

 The remote control of a axial tunnel fan is direct, indirect, and programming. The details of the tunnel firing fan are as follows.
Directly control
The flue gas concentration VI and CO in the tunnel are directly detected by the flue gas permeability and carbon dioxide concentration sensor distributed at each point of each point of the tunnel. After running, the control signal is provided to control the tunnel fan.
Indirect control
Through the analysis of the flue gas and CO emissions in the tunnel, according to the traffic information in front of the tunnel of the tunnel fans and the vehicle recognition information in the tunnel, the traffic flow in the tunnel is adjusted to understand the composition of the vehicle in the tunnel in real time.
Program control
The VI and CO concentrations do not consider changes in actual traffic volume, but according to pipeline experience, the pipelines of the tunnel fans are controlled in accordance with the prescribed procedures, according to the time interval, corresponding smoke and corresponding emissions.

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