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What are the ventilation requirements for tunnel jet fans?

The tunnel jet fan usually determines the ventilation mode of the tunnel jet fan according to the tunnel length, section size, construction method and other factors. The tunnel jet fan is mainly used to take out fresh air from the outside. Tunnel, there are some ventilation requirements. What do tunnel jet fans need?

The tunnel jet fan must remain in operation. If a run is to be stopped, other operations affected by the pause must be stopped.

It is forbidden to place impurities below 5 meters of the tunnel jet fan. The outlet of the fan must be filtered and safety measures are taken. If there is any problem, it can be suspended.

There should be enough spare parts for tunnel jet fans. What are the ventilation requirements for tunnel jet fans?

If the wind speed in the tunnel is lower than the required specifications, the wind speed can be increased by increasing the pressure of the tunnel jet fan.

The main fan equipment must meet the requirements of the ventilation concept, and the auxiliary fans in the tunnel must adopt the new air flow; the main fans must be built on holes above 30 meters, with certain depressions.

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