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Maintenance content and maintenance cycle of low noise centrifugal fan

       In order to make the low-noise centrifugal fan operate stably and prolong its service life, regular maintenance is required. Today we will give a brief introduction to the maintenance cycle and maintenance content of the equipment.

       Generally speaking, during the use of low-noise centrifugal fans, a simple overhaul is usually required every 3-6 months, and a medium-level overhaul is required every 1-2 years, and every 2-4 years. An overhaul.

        The maintenance period of low-noise centrifugal fans has a lot to do with the environment in which the equipment is used. For example, the dust content in the environment is relatively large, and the dust layer will cause certain wear and tear to the fan. Therefore, the maintenance period should be shorter.

        The maintenance content of low-noise centrifugal fan equipment generally includes

1. Check and clean each bearing of the equipment, replace the lubricating oil, check the oil level, and mark the oil level line

2. Check the sealing parts and clean up the dust layer

3. Check whether the deflector is rusted, worn, loose, or cracked, and if so, take targeted treatment

4. Check the coupling and protective cover. If the sealing ring is aging, it needs to be replaced

5. Check the fastening of bolts and screws. If there is air leakage, block it in time. Check and adjust the damper to see if the relevant knowledge is normal.

In addition, it is also necessary to inspect the fan casing and impeller, and repair and replace worn blades.

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