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Three ventilation modes of SDS tunnel fan

 SDS tunnel fans are also called tunnel jet fans, tunnel fans, and jet fans. They are widely used in tunnels such as water conservancy projects, highways, railways, and subways. In fact, there are many ventilation methods for tunnel fans, generally speaking, vertical ventilation and horizontal ventilation. and semi-level ventilation. Of course there is sidestream ventilation. The main task of the SDS tunnel fan is to perform ventilation tasks in the tunnel, deliver fresh air into the tunnel, remove pollutants in the tunnel, and then use the tunnel fan.

side stream

The air duct is located on both sides of the track, and the fresh air is pressed into the bridge hole through the side wall, and sucked into the exhaust pipe through the horizontal bridge hole, which is mainly used in the underwater tunnel of the immersed tube method.

combination cross

Air supply and exhaust ventilation. Compared with horizontal ventilation, the cost of SDS tunnel fans is lower, but the control of ventilation and fireproof expansion is different from that of horizontal ventilation. It is suitable for tunnels with a length of 1000-3000 meters. The pipe is placed under the driveway, fresh air enters the driveway through the hole, and is exhausted. The two ends of the air duct are separated by fans, the front half is ventilated, and the second half is blown out. Ducts used as air inlets or outlets can be identified as air ventilation.


SDS tunnel fans are cheap to build and cheap to operate, lack of clean air at the tunnel entrance, have harmless energy, and the fire may spread longitudinally along the cyclone, which is not easy for rescuers. The use of short-distance tunnels connected to hydrocarbon streams is not justified, but only for long-distance tunnels on one-way roads.

horizontal combination

Cross ventilation can be divided into downdraft, up or forward ventilation, downdraft duct and cyclone separator in this channel according to the entrance direction and the flow through the tunnel. The vehicle's exhaust is purified, concentrated and uniform, not easy to accumulate in a short period of time, and well ventilated, suitable for long tunnels, but the cost and operating costs are relatively high.

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