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How to install the tunnel jet fan?

 1. Connect between the duct and the duct. The duct is fixed on the galvanized wire rope according to the buckle (buckle) on the duct; there is a structural steel rope and a buckle every 3.0m on the duct to smooth the duct and reduce the friction resistance of romantic charm.

2. Galvanized wire ropes are fixed to the authentic vault or side walls and fixed with 12 expansion screws.The anchor length shall not be less than 7cm and be 3.0m apart.The air duct of the tunnel jet fan shall be vertical, tightened and stable to avoid folding, increase some friction resistance, and avoid dead bending connected with the horizontal hole.

3. The installation height of the air duct can not block the measurement horizontal line of the monitor, ensure the static air height considered in the hole, avoid the past automobile and mechanical equipment to scratch the air duct, endanger the project construction.Tunnel jet fan.

4. The inevitable spacing between the duct inlet and the working face is related to the large section.Air volume is large.Large diameter air duct shall be controlled within 20~30m.

5. In relation to pressure-in natural ventilation, the tunnel jet fan is usually installed on a support frame over 10m at the edge of the spacing hole, with a certain static air height.Dirt shall not be deposited within 5m before and back of the authentic centrifugal fan.Authentic centrifugal fan air inlet should be equipped with iron grille and safety device, and the problem should be actively closed.

6. When the duct is introduced into the second lining car, do not cross the frame from the middle.The load-bearing beam frame of the second lining car must be leveled left and right to take safety protection to avoid damage to the air duct.

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