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SDS tunnel fan misunderstanding

 The use of SDS tunnel fans is very common, but it may be misunderstood during use, so please fully understand these problems and use them as much as possible.

One of the issues that need to be paid attention to is that when reinstalling the sealing cover for centrifugal transportation during the repair process, it is necessary to avoid errors in the installation and release of the outer cover and avoid the influence of high temperature. During the production process of the factory, a fixed warehouse at the end of the factory was designed. Therefore, errors may occur during installation. requires attention.

The second common mistake is that for SDS tunnel fans, the accuracy requirements are usually achieved by fixing or loosening the anchor bolts. The adjustment pad is arranged between the motor or the fluid coupling and the base plate. This is incorrect. Easy to cause problems, will use later.

One of the problems is that oil maintenance is neglected due to neglect and mismanagement in the case of long-term use. Usually lubricating oil is used. Because lubricating oil is lubricated by a pump, there is less damage. However, it must be confirmed whether the SDS tunnel fan fritters are broken. If damaged, it must be repaired immediately. In case of an accident, we will provide a certain amount of lubricating oil to the warehouse to ensure the normal operation of the warehouse.

These errors must be taken into account when using SDS tunnel fans. To avoid this problem, ensure the normal condition of the SDS tunnel fan equipment.

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