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How to establish the semi-solid molding model of the tunnel fan blade?

Tunnel fans are mainly used in tunnel engineering for large-scale projects such as railways and subways. That feather is an important part of tunnel buffs, and that surface is more complex. At present, there are two ways to manufacture tunnel fan blades through mechanical processing and casting at home and abroad.
Machined tunnel fan cutters have high precision, good performance, and corrosion resistance, which is costly and inefficient to process. Although the casting method has high forming efficiency, the casting is prone to defects, the performance of the blade is unstable, it is difficult to obtain a linear shape, and subsequent processing is required. A semi-solid forming method for hobby blade formation is proposed. This solution facilitates linear formation of formed parts, small processing volume and good mechanical properties.
The semi-solidified forming technology, which combines the advantages of casting technology and forging technology, realizes the shape of Nia network and has excellent mechanical properties, which is a promising forming technology. The semi-solid forming of light alloys, especially aluminum alloys and magnesium alloys, has been industrialized in developed countries. The tunnel fan semi-solid forming method is widely used in the industrial production of auto parts and electrical equipment.
In the semi-solid forming process of the tunnel fan blade, unlike the conventional forming process, as the characteristics of the flow shear meat, that is, the dragging shear rate increases, its viscosity becomes smaller and the corresponding flow resistance becomes smaller. Models in the Semi-Liquid Forming module of this hardware were numerically simulated. The motion model of the semi-liquid tricycle mainly includes a similar single-phase model and two models. This paper uses a similar single-phase model to simulate the semi-liquid formation of the fan blade of the tunnel. Similar single-phase tunnel fan model considerations do not combine solid and solid phases in a semi-liquid substrate as a whole.

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