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What do you know about the monitoring systems used during the construction of underground tunnels?

In order to ensure safety and efficiency when constructing underground tunnels, it is very important to have a monitoring system in place. These systems help detect potential hazards and give early warning of any problems that may arise during tunnel construction. Monitoring systems commonly used in tunnel construction may include: - ground movement monitoring, - groundwater monitoring, - gas monitoring, - temperature monitoring, - vibration monitoring, - communication and control systems, and - noise monitoring.
1. Ground movement monitoring measures Measure ground deformation caused by tunnel activities to assess the stability of the tunnel and surrounding structures. Ground motion monitoring can be done using instruments such as inclinometers, extensometers and inclinometers.
2. Groundwater monitoring is used to prevent water from entering the tunnel and to ensure that the tunnel remains dry. The system can use instruments such as pressure gauges and water level sensors.
3. Gas monitoring aims to ensure a safe working environment for tunnel workers by monitoring the concentration of gases in the tunnel, such as carbon monoxide, methane and hydrogen sulfide.
4. Temperature monitoring detects any potential heat buildup or cooling to ensure the tunnel remains stable and safe for workers.
5. Vibration monitoring assesses the potential impact of tunnel construction on nearby structures and ensures that no damage is caused by tunnel activity.
6. The communication and control system provides real-time communication between the tunnel builders and the ground, so that problems can be solved quickly and safe and efficient work can be ensured.
7. During tunnel construction activities, noise monitoring is crucial to ensure that noise levels are within acceptable limits. Some of the tools used to measure the intensity and frequency of noise and vibration levels include: sound level meters, noise dosimeters, vibration meters. The collected data is analyzed to identify any potential problems and determine if noise levels exceed established thresholds. If noise levels exceed established thresholds, measures can be taken to mitigate the impact of noise on nearby communities. The monitoring system used during underground tunneling will depend on the project and site conditions. It is essential to work with a qualified engineer or tunnel contractor to develop a monitoring plan tailored to the specific project.

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