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How to solve the unstable wind speed of coal mine fan?

 A fan is a fluid-driven machine that relies on input mechanical energy to increase gas pressure and discharge two types of gas. Fan is the abbreviation of customary gas compression and conveying machinery. In general, fans include ventilators, blowers and wind turbines.

How to solve the problem of unstable wind speed of coal mine fans:

When discussing the speed of the coal mine fan, it can usually be regarded as a DC speed regulating motor, and its speed is mainly changed by an adjustable resistor. As long as the controllable rectifier acts on both ends of the motor, the speed of the fan can be controlled.

However, we sometimes encounter the problem of unstable wind speed in use. Once such a problem occurs, it will greatly affect its operation and application. First of all, it is necessary to understand the reasons for the unstable wind speed of coal mine fans in order to correctly solve the problem.

1. Due to some problems with the four rectifier diodes of the coal mine fan, the function of the entire device is affected.

2. The toner or carbon brushes of the motor rotor and commutator are not equal. At this point, you can first check the adjustable resistance of the fan. It's good if the resistance changes with adjustments.

3. The problem may lie in the thyristor, such as open circuit, poor touch, short circuit, untouchable, etc. In addition, if the adjustable resistor is in poor contact, it will also affect the stability of the coal mine fan speed.

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