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Mine fan manufacturers tell you what is the working principle of fan exhaust?

 Refers to the operation method of the fan shaft in the same direction, such as electric fans, air-conditioning fans, etc. It is called the "shaft" because the gas flows parallel to the fan shaft. It is generally used in high pressure water flow and low demand occasions.
This method is suitable for axial fan blades and aircraft wings. The wings play the role of raising and supporting the weight of the aircraft, and the axial flow fans make the airflow flow in a fixed direction. The cross section of the fan is generally the wing section. The blades can be fixed or rotate about their longitudinal axes. Blade and flow viewpoints and blade distance are not adjustable or adjustable. It is an important advantage for mining fan manufacturers to change the blade angle or space. The angle of view and increasing distance of the vane where low flow occurs enables higher flow to occur.
Advanced blade distances change during operation and thus as the flow rate changes. This is the so-called adjustable blade. Also known as local fan, it is a fan commonly used in industrial and mining enterprises. This electric fan is different from ordinary electric fans. The blades of the motor and the fan are cylindrical, with cylindrical shape, local ventilation, convenient installation, remarkable ventilation effect, safe and reliable. Blower fans can be connected to designated areas. There are still some differences between fans and centrifugal fans.
The air flow direction will not change the medium in the air duct, which is just opposite to the centrifugal fan. Change the flow direction of the medium in the air duct; the installation of the centrifugal fan is more complicated. The export device is in the air conditioning unit centrifugal fan factory. It is generally installed in the air duct or pipeline at the front end of the axial flow fan outlet.
The above is the introduction of the working principle of mine fan exhaust. According to the introduction of the mine fan manufacturer, we can understand the usage of the equipment more clearly and prevent equipment damage due to improper use.

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