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How to operate the tunnel fan?

 1. Operators must operate strictly in accordance with the operating procedures, and illegal operation is strictly prohibited.

2. Check the supply voltage before each startup and observe whether the voltmeter reading is within the specified range.High or low voltage can damage the ventilator and motor.Check for sundries around the control cabinet, water, damp electrical components, and other sundries around the machine.

3. Check whether the ventilation belt is in good condition, whether there is other debris around affecting the ventilation, and inform the construction personnel in the hole to start ventilation.

4. Start the fan and observe whether the control cabinet is working normally and whether the motor is reversing.Whether the ammeter reading is within the normal range, etc.When the motor reversal is found, the impeller stops completely and starts again.Observe the ventilation situation of the ventilation belt, and see if there are obstacles.Leakage et al.During the operation, the operation of the ventilator, the ammeter reading, and whether there is abnormal sound are constantly observed.If any abnormality is found, it should be stopped immediately and can be restarted after troubleshooting.Failure operation is strictly prohibited.

5. After shutdown, turn off the power supply, lock the control cabinet, and do the shift handover carefully.

6. Pour lithium grease into the fan bearing every week, check whether the fan blade is deformed every month, clean the dust on the blade with dry brush, and prohibit washing with water.

7. When removing the fan blades during maintenance, each blade shall be marked and installed in situ to avoid damage to the rotor balance.

8. When the ventilator is not used for a long time, the control cabinet and other moisture-proof treatment shall be covered, and the fan shall be sealed.

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