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Test rules for tunnel jet fans

 Tunnel jet fan test standards: the pressure grade is 5 times, 10 times, 15 times, 1/5 times, 1/10 times, divided into 5/15 times, in the examination process, U-shaped bracket and base landfill part should not be cracked or welded deformation, according to the tunnel jet fan test requirements to form a project team, base: laboratory personnel, professional engineers: Field technician, Safety Officer: test recorder.

Construction of a small car operated by the multi-body pump, four seat belts, the experiment adopted three connected pallets, the implementation of technology and methods, strict implementation of technical standards, stop the technical training of technicians, completely stop the understanding of bolt tensiometer, carefully read the instructions, carefully read the technical requirements submitted by the construction personnel, shut down according to the process, Carefully confirm the detection range of the anchor tension meter, understand the conversion table, and make the test run stable and convenient.

Implementation plan, the operators for the operation of the vehicle to fasten the safety belt, wear a safety hat, the ground, anchor anchor with safety rope or bolt fixed, the experiment process to bit by bit, do a good U-bracket welding joints, landfill parts, support and anchor chain tie investigation must be carried out, there are unsafe factors should immediately stop the test, after the test must be started from scratch. Tunnel jet fan

Stop the practice before the use of the bolt tension meter, according to the work regulations, stop the skilled control before the bolt tension meter, master the operation principle, function and operation method of the machine, purchase experimental materials, the distance between the preset steel plate on the blower is different, all the production of the experiment frame, because the scale is not the same, so choose different coordinate points to connect the base to stop the test. The fan itself weighs 1100kg, 5 times the wind speed weight 5.5t=53.9km, 10 times the wind speed weight 11.T=107.8km, 15 times the wind potential 16.5t=161.7kn

The inner side of No. 18 gold steel is welded with three cores to bend the whole steel and ensure the tension. According to the distance between the main slots of the diamond U-shaped, 4 pipes are chiseled on the gold steel and 20 holes are drilled to connect a fixed part and the U-shaped slot. After finding out the center point of the lower part, pick the stress center point of 2000 node steel from 0.15 meters on the left and right, place the square steel plate on it, and then strengthen the round steel plate according to the height of the instrument. When ready, the scale of the pressure gauge can be returned to 0 after inspection, and the anchor anchor confirms whether the connection of each part is reliable. Tunnel jet fan

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