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The difference between centrifugal fans and axial fans

 First, the exhaust direction is different. Axial fan The inlet and outlet of the fan are on a parallel line. The exhaust direction of the centrifugal fan is perpendicular to the air intake, and the air can be discharged in the specified direction before and after.
Second, the installation difficulty is different. The axial fan installation method is more convenient, such as the pipe fan can be directly installed in the pipeline or on the wall, and the fixed fan installation is fixed through the base. The installation method of centrifugal fan mostly uses the steel structure bracket, the bracket should be maintained in a flat and solid state during the installation, the part buried in the wall should be deep into the wall two-thirds, and the washer should be added when the bolt is fixed to prevent the bracket from being loosened by vibration.
Third, the power is different. Axial fan is the gas in the rotation of the impeller to complete the axial movement, the movement of the wind pressure is small, but the air volume is relatively large, centrifugal fan through the impeller rotation to form centrifugal force for gas transmission, generally need to be closed installation, its wind pressure is relatively large, but the air volume is not large.
Fourth, the shape and structure are different. The motor and impeller of the axial fan are installed in a cylinder, and its shape is also a cylindrical shape, and the shape of the centrifugal fan shell is a spiral linear volute structure.

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