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Installation and maintenance of the tunnel jet fan

    The installation of the tunnel jet fan requires that two thick steel plates of 20mm thickness, 200mm width and length A shall be buried in the concrete lining at the early stage of the project construction.When the shaft spacing is A, it can also be prepared according to the customer's regulations.When the tunnel jet fan is installed, the fan shall not be bumped or damaged, and the fan shall not be welded.Except for the provisions of authentic boundaries, the equipment fan shall guarantee the fan center.

The operation and operation of tunnel jet fan is generally determined by the carbon monoxide concentration, and choose high speed or low speed gear.When the tunnel jet fan is started, in order to reduce the peak of the grid, it should be started one by one, that is, after the last fan reaches the rated speed ratio, the switch power supply of the next fan again.If started immediately, the general spacing is 120 seconds.Tunnel jet fan shall wait for complete replacement of centrifugal impeller.In order to clean the fan unremittingly, you can wipe the appearance of the fan in time according to the environmental pollution situation.

Tunnel jet fan reduces stroke volume throughout the application process.

Tunnel jet fan is a type of fan used for tunnel construction.Because the tunnel construction of water conservancy project dam, railway line, subway station, road and other areas will be applied to the application business scale, so the transportation air volume must be symmetrical.When the tunnel jet fan used transports chemicals, the air volume will be greatly reduced after reaching a certain direction.What's going on?

①. When the duct of the tunnel jet fan is pressed during the tunnel construction, the air volume decreases because there is no standard press, or the duct is damaged, such as leakage and breaking.

②. Tunnel jet fan has been introduced.In the whole process, according to the air duct, ventilation pipe, etc., the air duct ventilation pipe loose produced by the natural barrier is not uniform, and the related airflow has a large obstacles.Steam measurements and relative density are factors that produce natural barrier dimensions throughout the wind.

. The rotating axial flow fan normally selected by the tunnel jet fan is in the form of double generator, and the working pressure echo of the fan is much more increased than the single generator.After the fan is started, the stability of the remote operating voltage considers the speed ratio of the generator, and the fan echoes increases or decreases.

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