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What are the exhaust modes of the tunnel fan?

   Although the tunnel jet fan is called a tunnel jet fan, it is essentially an axial flow fan.Axial flow fan is actually a common fan in our daily life.The working mode of the blade is actually similar to the wing of the aircraft. The current of the motor will be five or six times higher than the previous rated motor, which will not affect the service and service life of the motor.

1. Smoke exhaust

Rare device mode is: roof device, side wall device, hanging air duct, etc.If the device is on the steel structure roof, you should choose the once relatively light all-aluminum roof tunnel jet fan, which can save the cost of roof reinforcement.If a fence is installed, rain cover, rain cover, atmosphere valve, insect mesh should be recommended.Impeller without adhesive insulation shall be selected and oil droplets may be collected to clean the tunnel jet fan.The device of tunnel jet fan is different, and the model is different.

2. Fire-fighting and exhaust gas.

This kind of exhaust we are not convenient to say more, generally through the national fire certification agency to choose to use, want to understand you can find their own information to read.

3. Echarge process exhaust gas.

Many types, some can contain slag, paint pieces, sound gas, sometimes need low temperature, smoke and so on.; There are no same factors, nor the same solutions, nor are the requirements for tunnel jet fans.Process waste gas should also be divided into several categories.

4. Explosive gas and dust exhaust gas.

Explosion proof tunnel jet fan and anti-proof generator must be provided.

5. Corrosive gas is included.

To first know what is erosive gas, what factors, if it is acid and base, choose glass fiber data, plastic data.If it is intermediate and erosive, you can choose no rust steel.If it is strong acid or atmospheric or erosive gas, the content in the atmosphere is low, you can do anti-corrosion insulation layer on the impeller, to reach a single layer of insulation layer can reach 10 silk meters, the double layer of insulation layer can reach about 20 silk meters.

6. There is welding slag in the gas.

Rivet team or cutting plant ventilation, generally consider the wastewater containing non-metal chips, welding slag and other impurities; add a filter, the generator cannot be built.If entering the tunnel jet fan, impurities will wear spare parts such as bearing transmission belt, and more importantly, protect the generator, resulting in the generator scrapped.Filter diameter over 1 mm of particles and generator inside.

7. Including paint gas.

All filters shall be withdrawn, with explosion-proof tunnel jet fan, shaft seal and generator inside; paint sheet contains evaporative inorganic solvent, is explosive and flammable gas.If encountered in an open fire, such as sparks, it will cause noise.

8. Echarge of ordinary waste gas.

The rotation speed of the tunnel jet fan is normally controlled below 1500 times.The profit of the components is repeatedly changed because the tunnel jet fan and its components simply protect the bearings, shaft, drive belt and drive pulley, afterward.Tunnel jet fan has no special requirements, only imagine the environment and storage requirements.

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