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Centrifugal fan selection should be determined from the actual needs

As users, in the process of choosing centrifugal fan equipment, we must take the actual needs as the starting point to select. In order to meet the actual application requirements, when selecting centrifugal fan equipment, the requirements of flow rate and wind pressure should be taken into account at the same time, and the conditions of efficient operation of the fan should also be taken into account.
    Because these are the important judgment basis for the reasonable selection of centrifugal fan. Of course, because the performance of the fan is different, so the selection method is not the same. So, how can you choose the right fan you want? First of all, it can be judged according to the performance of the fan. This way is relatively simple and easy to operate. It is generally suitable for the selection of the fan under a single working condition. However, the disadvantage is that it can not accurately determine the device situation of the fan equipment, nor can it solve the adjustment problem of the working condition.
    Some users often choose according to the performance curve of centrifugal fan equipment. This method is also easy to master, and it is also convenient for the analysis of working condition adjustment and the determination of adjustment parameters. But the selectivity of using performance curve is poor. In addition, the dimensionless performance curve can also be used to judge. The so-called dimensionless performance curve of fans actually represents the dimensionless performance parameters of series of fans of various types and different machine sizes.
    Therefore, in the process of selection, it is generally to determine the speed of the centrifugal fan first, and then calculate the required specific revolution, and then find the dimensionless curve of the fan according to the obtained value, and find out the fan that is closest to the calculation of the specific revolution and has high efficiency as the selected wind model.
    In addition to the above methods, we can also combine the performance selection curve of centrifugal fan equipment to select the required model. This method is also a method often used in the selection of centrifugal fan equipment. The selection curve is actually a series of line families plotted on the logarithmic coordinate diagram of the relationship between the full pressure, power, speed and flow of each centrifugal fan of the same similar series with different impeller diameters.

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