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How to maintain the tunnel jet fan before use?

    In fact, the maintenance procedures of the high-pressure fans should start with the purchase.When choosing a high-pressure fan, the first need to choose Z suitable for the machine products.Because the high voltage fan is widely used, the selection is relatively complex, the appropriate type selection should be selected, so as to avoid damage to the high voltage fan.Generally, two steps are followed:

1. It is necessary to determine the function of using the high pressure fan on site, whether to suck or blow, and find out the pressure flow curve corresponding to the high pressure fan; If the curve is wrong, sometimes the selected product cannot be used or otherwise damaged.

2. According to the calculated pressure and flow, find the working curve above the working point corresponding to the pressure and flow chart; then select the high pressure fan model according to the working curve.

3.Ensure the installation size of the high-voltage fan.If the installation size is inconsistent, do not install, to avoid damage.
     Blower is widely used in printing machinery, plastic machinery, environmental machinery, fruit machinery, woodworking machinery, textile machinery, paper machinery, electronic machinery, packaging machinery, aquaculture, sewage treatment, kiln, burner, hot air generator, dust collector, incinerator, powder stereo, dryer, glass industry, ice industry, mechanical cooling, general gas supply, etc.

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