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Knowledge and details of the tunnel fan

    Predictive jet fan (usually small and medium-sized centrifugal fan and axial flow face fan) is widely used, large demand, more manufacturers of the ventilator (large and medium-sized centrifugal centrifugal fan).Generally speaking, a lot of goods are sold.The former method is mainly to reduce the noise of the fan itself by improving the support structure and material of the fan blade blade, the latter mainly uses muffler sound shield, wall and other noise control products by the fan noise propagation path to control the fan noise.

Special fan (including anti-corrosion fan, high temperature fan, wear-resistant fan, fire exhaust fan, etc.).Although small, but because of the special operating environment, need to be treated differently, because of the quantity of material requirements are special first.Rots blower characteristics that when the pressure regulation is within the allowable range, the fluid change is small, the pressure selection range is wide, with the characteristics of forced gas transmission.

The performance of the turbine compressor requires high pressure and high flow rate.With the upsizing and sizing of complete equipment, the parameters of turbine compressor are becoming higher and higher.For example, blast furnace smelting equipment, large coal chemical industry plant, large chemical fertilizer device, large ethylene device, large air separation device, natural gas pipeline transmission device, oil field gas injection device, etc.Due to the characteristics of its importance, complex structure, long manufacturing cycle and high technical content, wind power generation equipment accounts for a small share in similar products, and has good economic and social benefits.Steam turbine compressor manufacturing level represents the level of the entire fan industry.Hairdryers are mainly used in English Production fan.

Annual inspection of nozzle is strictly in accordance with Environmental Control System Maintenance Regulations and Environmental Control System Operation Regulations.Its main work includes: (1) test the positive and reverse function of the jet fan under manual and remote control; check the bolts for tightening and tighten the loose bolts; check the corrosion of the jet fan body, hanger and other structures, as well as rust removal and repainting as appropriate.After the annual inspection, the performance and operation condition of the jet fan are normal.According to the site bolt locking marks, there are no signs of bolt loosening, and the rust prevention coating layer of body, support and hanger structure is intact without cracks.

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