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Power supply scheme of the tunnel fan

      All large equipment is by power operation and use, any fan, but the special type of fan such as high temperature fan, tunnel jet fan, mine fan fan power supply is designed, according to the fan power, power supply distance and other conditions to determine the power supply scheme, because the tunnel jet fan power is larger, so many tunnel fan used at the same time, today we will introduce the tunnel jet fan power supply scheme.

①.set up interval electric control room, by the port electric control room to the tunnel fan power supply, and unified management.If the tunnel fan installed in the interval is 0.08km L away from the port electrical control room near Z.

②. The supply voltage loss can meet the fan start requirements.If the tunnel fan in the section is 0.15km≤L<0.3km away from the Z port substation, the electrical control room should be installed in the section with 0.23/0.4kV power supply, and the dual power switch cabinet in the electric control room between two 0.23/0.4kV power supply sections fed by the port substation near Z.

③. The tunnel jet fan installed in the harbor is generally less than 0.06km away from the port electric control room, so the power supply is provided by the port ring control electric control room.

④. Feed 35kV from the port substation near Z, the energy transformer supplied for the interval substation, and the tunnel fan and other related loads after step-down.If the distance between the tunnel fan being set up is 0.3km, the Jinji section substation (and electric control room) should be installed next to the tunnel fan in this section.When 0.38kV is indirectly used for long-distance high-power fan power supply, the voltage loss is large, generally higher than 5kV, and the fan is difficult to start, so it is necessary to install the interval substation.

Under normal circumstances, the power supply scheme of the tunnel jet fan is basically the same as the above four schemes, and the tunnel jet fan is supplied through the electric control room, so as long as the power supply scheme is suitable for their own, it can be centralized control, so as long as the above scheme is suitable for their own to use.

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