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Installation sequence and precautions of tunnel axial flow fan

     The air duct is connected with a hanging shaft and the steel wire rope, there is generally a expansion cable on the air duct, the length is about 3 meters, the coil length is about 3 meters.When installing piping, keep in vertical position to reduce air return resistance.

  Steel wire joints are fixed with bolts on the side wall of the tunnel, some tunnel fans are installed on the top of the tunnel, the bolts should be fixed on the vault, choose tension screws, the length of the anchor should be less than 8 cm, the general spacing should be controlled at about 3 meters.

  After the installation of the tunnel fan duct, the corresponding air outlet and inlet test, which can be put into normal use after meeting the requirements.

1. It is not the air tunnel to install the tunnel fan, nor the whole tunnel fan installation, and its height should not hinder the horizontal monitoring measuring line. For the built tunnel, the installation of the tunnel fan shall not affect the driver's line of sight.In addition, sufficient clearance height should be maintained in the tunnel to avoid some damage to the fan in the tunnel when the passing vehicles pass through.

2. The outlet of tunnel fan duct shall keep a certain safe distance, and the large section, gale volume, gale duct and other conditions shall be checked within 20 meters.

3. Pipe installation should have a fastness, can not appear tunnel duct displacement phenomenon, more can not shake or even drop.After the completion of the construction, the relevant tunnel fan maintenance units shall inspect the fan regularly to prevent safety accidents.

4. In terms of compulsory ventilation of tunnel fan, the interval of the main fan should be more than 10 meters, which should be installed on the fixed bracket. For the use environment is more complex, the interval distance should be calculated according to the relevant formula and site investigation.No objects shall be accumulated within 5 meters of the side wall of the tunnel fan. Iron barriers and supporting equipment shall be provided at the intake of the tunnel fan.

5. When the tunnel fan air duct connects with the two feeding vehicles, it shall not pass under the platform. The beam of the two feeding vehicles must be worn directly, and the relevant protection work should be done to prevent the air duct from being damaged by external force.

The installation of the air duct should comply with the relevant regulations of the tunnel fan installation, and should cooperate with the installation of the tunnel fan, do not blindly install, install at will.According to the different tunnel fan products, according to the corresponding product instructions for installation, to ensure that the correct installation, high use efficiency.

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