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Work flow of tunnel fan

 Tunnel fans are usually hung on the top or both sides of the tunnel, which do not occupy the traffic area, do not need to build another air duct, low civil construction cost; Fan is easy to install, simple to operate and maintain, is a very economic way of ventilation.

      When the fan runs, some air in the tunnel is sucked in from the end of the tunnel fan, accelerated by the impeller and discharged from the other end of the tunnel fan at a high speed. This high-speed flow with high kinetic energy transfers energy to other gases in the tunnel and creates a pressure rise to overcome tunnel resistance, which pushes the air in the tunnel towards the fan jet. When the flow rate decays to a certain extent, the next group of fans continue to work. This would allow fresh air to be drawn in at one end of the tunnel and stale air to be expelled at the other.

      Tunnel fans have one-way jet fans and two-way jet fans. Two-way jet fans are electronic and mechanical. It can be switched to the rated fan speed in 30 seconds. For high noise requirements, you can add mufflers to reduce noise. The shell of the product is formed by rotary flanging with special machine tool imported from the United States, and the inner wall of the impeller section is completed. Features corrosion resistance, reliability and economy, can also be added to reduce the noise of the muffler.

      Direct drive, small maintenance workload. It is widely used in water conservancy dam project, highway, railway, subway and other tunnels.

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