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How to deal with the frequent changes in centrifugal fan power?

       One treatment measure is to control the power change of centrifugal fan equipment through time. That is to say, in a certain period of time, according to the change of reactive power, we can cut off the power consumption of this part through a timing switch. This method is relatively simple to operate, and the cost is not high, many factories are using this method.

      However, in some cases, this method is difficult to achieve the desired effect, for example, if there is no correlation between the load change of centrifugal fan equipment and time, this method will not work.

      Another way is to use the power factor to control the change of power. We need to select the power factor of the load loop, and then combine the actual situation to properly increase the input of the capacitor, so as to prevent the power change is too large.

      The above two ways, in fact, need to be operated or improved by professionals. Of course, users can also provide some suggestions or requirements according to their actual situation, so as to reduce the damage to the centrifugal fan and reduce the cost of enterprise production.

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