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What should be done if the centrifugal fan is suspended for a long time?

      There will always be times when machines need to pause. So in the suspension, there are some problems that should be paid attention to is that we need to carry out in accordance with the provisions. For example, how should the centrifugal fan be arranged and placed when it is suspended? There are two cases of suspension:

One is the suspension of use for a short time, the other is the suspension of use for a long time. Regardless of whether the time is long or short, the fan should first remind everyone to prevent freezing and cracking.

When the fan is not in use, when the ambient temperature is lower than 5 ° C, drain the remaining water from the device and pipe to avoid freezing. This and winter we will encounter the water pipe freeze crack problem is the same truth, if there is no timely treatment of residual water caused by failure, it is too careless, such a problem we should avoid. In addition, if the centrifugal fan is suspended for a long time, how to deal with it?

1. the bearing and other main parts of the surface coated with anti-rust oil to avoid rust corrosion.

2. Every half month or so, the fan rotor should be manually moved to rotate half a circle (180°), and the shaft end should be marked before moving, so that the original point above the rotor is located below after moving.

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