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Analysis on the cause of violent vibration of tunnel fan

       Tunnel fan in use process, because the air pressure inside the tunnel instability of air flow through the tunnel fan, can lead to appear larger friction between the various components of the fan, not only can produce all kinds of noise, the friction will lead to obvious vibration tunnel fan, through the air pressure is unstable, the greater the change of the vibration frequency.

Cause analysis of violent vibration of tunnel fan:

The rivet in the foundation of the tunnel fan is loose.

The impeller of the fan is deformed, resulting in a large amount of loss when the wind pressure collected by the air collecting system passes through the impeller.

The blades of the fan rotate unbalance, there are a lot of dust and dirt on the surface of the blades, and some of the blades are corroded.

Fan inlet and outlet of the pipe deviation, resonance.

Friction between the casing and the duct of the air inlet due to connection problems.

The motor's housing has been damaged by the wind pressure and it has formed a great friction.

The misalignment of the pulley.

The bearing of the fan and the bearing of the motor are not parallel, the two air flows affect each other, and friction occurs inside the fan.

The connecting bolts of the casing and bracket of the tunnel fan, the casing and the bearing seat are loose.

There is air leakage and damage at the positive interface of the air duct of the tunnel fan, which makes part of the air flow unable to enter the air duct and causes greater friction at the interface and other components.

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