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How to deal with high temperature phenomenon of FRP fan

       The FRP centrifugal fan will naturally have a high temperature after running for a period of time, which is relatively normal, but if there is overheating, it is not a good phenomenon. So how should we deal with the high temperature phenomenon of FRP fan?

1. we must first calm analysis problem, problem-solving, glass fiber reinforced plastic fan overheating in the common reasons are: filter element gelatinization, tubing road uneven pollution, oil cooler, oil ring bearing abnormal operation, the parts should be replaced, the air in the pipe line, clean clean regularly, pay attention to the running condition of oil ring bearing oil cooler.

2. there is also an important reason that the oil is not clean, metamorphism, which is easy to cause the FRP fan overheating, before changing the oil carefully check its quality, such as oxidation, viscosity, viscosity index, dirt index, etc.

These are the reasons that may lead to overheating in the process of using FRP fans. As long as we usually prepare and check, these problems will not occur. Caution is the key.

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