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What should be paid attention to when climbing and debugging the tunnel fan

      Seen tunnel fan friends should know that the volume of a tunnel fan but great, both in the transportation, installation, and in the back of the debugging maintenance is more troublesome thing, several professional personnel are needed to at the same time, sometimes also need to fasten safety climbing debugging, can say with a certain risk. So the staff have a lot of attention when climbing the tunnel fan, let's take a look at what to pay attention to climbing debugging tunnel fan?

1. Use backpack to take care of objects when climbing the tunnel ventilation machine, make sure that the backpack is solid and secure, and make sure that the climbing is at the end of the horse and horse, to prevent objects from falling and injuring people.

2. It is strictly forbidden to abandon objects from the fan to prevent injury to personnel and facilities. When using a crane to lift objects, to ensure that objects bound solid, prevent falling, simultaneous to ensure that the chain position away from the box change and route, or must be sailing, the use of crane is strictly prohibited when the wind is strong, to prevent electric shock.

3. It is necessary to install the cover plate of the main optical shaft brake of the tunnel fan to ensure personal insurance and prevent the spark splashing from the brake from causing fire. What should be paid attention to when climbing and debugging the tunnel fan?

4. Before contacting electrical facilities, it is necessary to use a multimeter to measure whether the electricity is charged and whether the voltage is being insured. Without believing whether there is electricity told by others, seeing is believing.

5. When climbing the air duct, it is inevitable to wear the full set of insurance equipment in the rules, and to wear the insurance cap when entering the tunnel ventilator, especially when it is the tunnel tower task, if there are more insurance units on the spot, request payment to the wind power service office in time.

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