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What are the heating ends of FRP fan?

       Glass fiber reinforced plastic fan refers to the glass fiber reinforced plastic fan, its appearance, size and steel fan is the same, but the shell and impeller is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, belonging to an anticorrosive fan. After running at room temperature for one hour, it is found that the temperature rise of the motor is too high. This problem is a common problem in the operation of FRP fans. We can not naively think that it is the normal heat dissipation of the machine, but also may be caused by the following end:

1. Excessive system resistance or unreasonable selection of FRP fan may cause the motor to run under excessive load, and the valve of pipe network resistance coefficient is too large or pipe coefficient is not open.

2. motor bearing damage, suitable gap is small, not requirements.

3. the motor is out of phase operation or wiring is not correct.

4. The power supply voltage of FRP fan is too low.

The above is to introduce to you about the end of the FRP fan heating, we only know the end of the fan heating can "adjust measures to local conditions", develop appropriate solutions.

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