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In what cases cannot the tunnel fan be run

      With the development of society, more and more tall buildings are built. The demand for tunnel axial flow fans is also increasing. Tunnel axial flow fans are also developing. Applications - electric field effects also continue to develop, but tunnel fans sometimes do not work with axial flow effects in tunnels.

For example, fans and air conditioners plug into fans. We often see axial flow patterns in our lives. Tunnel Axial fans in tunnels are usually used for high flow requirements, but due to low pressure requirements, tunnel axial fans are mainly used for pink tubes and tubes made of T. So, when does the tunnel stop?

During the normal branching of the tunnel fan axial valve, press the stop button of the switch to pull the control lever of the tunnel axial valve to the power failure position and lock it in the power failure position to ensure that the power is cut off and stops.

In general, emergency situations require follow-up. During the operation of the axial flow fan in the tunnel, the sound changes suddenly, the speed drops, the phase loss, the power overheat, the motor temperature is too high, and the colloid smell will be produced. The temperature of the fan shell exceeds 80°C. These phenomena indicate that the operation of the fan in the direction of the tunnel axis is abnormal. If the judgment is correct, you must immediately cut off the power supply of the stop button of the tunnel fan.

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