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How to choose axial flow fan?

      Fan is different from other products, the use time is generally in a few years, or even more than ten years, and the price of axial flow fan is also high and low, so when we choose the fan, we must choose the right and cost-effective fan. First, according to the required fan air volume, wind pressure these two basic parameters, through the fan performance table to determine the fan model and machine number, as well as the required power. Then we combine the use of the fan, process requirements, working conditions, etc., choose the type of axial flow fan, model and structure material to meet the required working conditions. The rated flow and pressure of the axial flow fan are as close as possible to the flow and pressure required by the process, so that the operating condition point of the axial flow fan is close to the high efficiency zone of the fan characteristics.

      The specific principles are as follows:

      1. Before choosing axial flow fans, it is necessary to understand the production and product quality of domestic fans, such as the varieties and specifications of the fans produced and the special uses of various products, and to understand the current domestic fan market.

      2. Choose ventilators for different purposes according to the physical and chemical properties of the gas conveyed by axial flow fans. If the delivery of explosive and combustible gas should be selected explosion-proof fan, determine the explosion-proof grade requirements required by axial flow fan; Dust or pulverized coal should choose dust or pulverized coal fan; Transport corrosive gas should choose anti-corrosion fan, determine the anti-corrosion material with FRP or PP, etc.; Working in high temperature or conveying high temperature gas should choose high temperature fan, and understand the ambient temperature and conveying gas temperature, etc.

      3. When there are more than two kinds of axial flow fans to choose from on the performance chart of axial flow fan, the one with higher efficiency, smaller machine number and larger adjustment range should be selected first. Of course, it can also be compared in terms of cost performance, weighing the advantages and disadvantages and deciding.

      4. If the impeller diameter of the selected fan is much larger than the impeller diameter of the original fan, in order to use the original motor shaft, bearings and bearings, it is necessary to calculate the motor starting time, the strength of the original parts of the fan and the critical speed of the shaft.

      5. When selecting centrifugal fan, when the motor power is less than or equal to 75KW, the valve for starting is not installed. When discharging high temperature flue gas or air and choosing centrifugal boiler induced draft fan, the valve for starting should be set up to prevent overload caused by cold operation.

      6. For the ventilation system with noise requirements, the fan with high efficiency and low circumferential velocity of the impeller should be selected first, and it should work at the highest efficiency point; According to the transmission mode of noise and vibration produced by the ventilation system, corresponding measures should be taken to reduce noise and vibration. Fan and motor vibration reduction measures, generally can use vibration reduction foundation, according to the axial flow fan installation method to choose different damping equipment.

      7. In the selection of fans, fans should be avoided in parallel or in series. When unavoidable, the axial flow fan should be selected with the same model, the same performance of the fan joint work. When series is used, there should be a certain connection between the first stage fan and the second stage fan.

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