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Three heat transfer modes of jet fan

      Transmission heating: like metal rod, heating from A to B in our daily life, that is to say, this kind of heating damage is very large, so people generally apply this kind of heating heating way, cooking is essential.

Thermal convection heating: this heating method is compound thermal convection heating of gas and vapor body. This kind of radiator mode will cause organic chemical heat loss and thermal physics damage of jet fan.

Microwave radiation heating: this kind of ray heating has obvious "specificity", like wearing black clothes to absorb heat under the sun, the sun is known as microwave radiation source, this kind of radioactive heating heat effect is very high.

Common problems in basic construction of jet fan:

If the tunnel fan is flowing, please terminate the anchor bolt hole of secondary water injection. Before the production of concrete by jet fan, check should be carried out by using the foundation drawing, the top of the foundation, the basic specifications, the orientation of the nut hole and the deep layer. There should be no normal fault at the top of the foundation. Large fine stone concrete is used for secondary water injection, and lime slurry is not used in the hole. The deep layers of the landfill are moved according to the signs. Generally in the following 50mm, concrete compact, standard surface smooth, concrete strength of the subject appropriate to indicate the provisions.

Bracket installation:

All the nut holes of the tunnel injection centrifugal fan on the iron clip of the pipeline should be made holes, without laser cutting holes. Inclined brackets shall be welded by all electric welds. What must be paid attention to in the bracket and foundation engineering project of tunnel jet centrifugal fan? The suspension must be properly disconnected from the suspension rod. There may be no welding on either side of the suspension rod. When the lifting ring screw of the ventilation duct can make the closing nut flow to the road surface, the flow method of drilling should be selected for the jet fan ventilation duct. Before installing the support, the two sides of the ventilation duct must first pop up from the wall, column and ground box, and then select the gushing direction. You can specify N and steak head. After installation, it can be used to accurately measure the myopia of the hose. Before installing the bracket, pay attention to stop all anti-rust treatment spraying work. If there is no special provision, the bracket spacing is generally 3 meters, if there is no 3 meter bracket, then a bracket must be set in the middle. The remaining part of a rail or rope.

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