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How to improve the working capacity of tunnel fan?

      Tunnel fan is one of the axial flow fans, axial flow fan is a more common application of a centrifugal fan, its actual ventilation effect and high efficiency are all among the centrifugal fans. Authentic axial flow fan in authentic application must reach a satisfactory ventilation effect, but also to reduce the circulation system work time, but this only by means of ventilation is not, but also to improve some tunnel fan solution, how to improve the solution of tunnel fan?

1. Improve ventilation

Formulate strict ventilation to solve the current policy, production scheduling means the interruption of ventilation to solve, according to the requirements of the interruption of atmospheric health care and ventilation monitoring of the current policy, has been interrupted the promotion of ventilation chip, to ensure the perfect ventilation chip failure operation.

2. Keep the road smooth

If there is no flat way in the hole, it will lengthen the natural barrier of the collapse of the internal combustion car, make the car frequently lengthen the hook, consume more fuel, and make up the clean exhaust as much as possible.

3. Improve antifouling methods

Tunnel fans include wet test drilling, exhaust valve sniper dust removal, dust removal after sniper spray machine, before slag discharge cliff development, slag loading and water sprinkling, etc., all of which can reach the anti-pollution dust removal skills. How to improve the solution of tunnel fan?

4. Fume purifier exhaust gas

Improve the maintenance of internal combustion machinery and equipment, keep the load of internal combustion machinery and equipment high quality, in order to reduce sewage discharge as much as possible; Internal combustion machinery equipment machinery equipment failure of smoke vaporizer, and has been withdrawn from the diesel engine S30-30 diesel engine lift agent to reduce the environmental pollution odor clean atmosphere.

5. Adequate ventilation

It is necessary to ensure that the sewage is completely discharged when there is any remaining ventilation, to prevent repeated accumulation of constituent sewage, and to ensure that the atmosphere of each daily task surface in the cave reaches the standard.

In general, in addition to the way to improve the solution, it is also necessary to carry out a smoke control, pollution prevention and other combing solution, and improve the ventilation solution, so as to achieve a satisfactory practical effect, but also to ensure the completion of the construction of the project.

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