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The function of tunnel fan in subway

      The function of tunnel fan in subway: tunnel fan is used as tunnel accident or cooling fan in subway, which is used for the interval ventilation in the early and late hours of subway. When the train is blocked or on fire, the ventilation and smoke exhaust, according to the specific requirements of the forward or reverse operation, in order to achieve the purpose of air supply to the tunnel or exhaust air.

In subway engineering, open ventilation system is adopted to realize open and closed operation. The subway stations and sections are basically isolated from the air except for the entrances and exits of the stations, wind pavilions and tunnel openings at both ends of the subway line. The task of the system is to control the temperature, humidity, wind speed and smoke exhaust under accident condition in underground station and interval tunnel. The public areas of the railway station are mechanically ventilated. There are mechanical fans in each end of the locomotive depot. One is responsible for air supply in the common area of the locomotive depot, and the other is responsible for air supply in the common area of the locomotive depot.

In case of fire in public places of the station, the system will change it into smoke exhaust state. Facilities and management rooms are equipped with corresponding air conditioning or mechanical ventilation systems, and the air supply and exhaust systems are also used to prevent and exhaust smoke in case of fire.

Reversible tunnel fan used in subway tunnel accident or cooling fans, computer room generally arranged on both ends of the station, each side has two fan respectively, distributed between the corresponding fluctuation area, through the combination of throttle switch control, implement multiple series fan, parallel operation, or as spare for tunnel fan can withstand temperatures up to 150 ℃ for 1 h. Operate fans 0.5h before and 0.5h after subway operation every day to clean and ventilate tunnels in the morning and evening; In case of train congestion or fire, TVF fans can be operated in series by one or more units at stations at both ends of the section as required. The fan of the system can ensure that it can be put into operation quickly under the condition of accident, and the accumulated running time is very little, so as to achieve the purpose of special equipment.

High temperature machine manufacturers warm tips, the use of fans must pay attention to, in the process of using fans should pay attention to these contents, on our use of reasonable fan, standard, we have the advantage.

It should be noted that the temperature of the fan bearing is usually lower than 70℃, if it rises to 70℃, there will be an alarm with electrical control. At this time, the cause should be found immediately. If the cause can not be found and the bearing temperature is still rising, it should be stopped immediately. In addition, the lubricating oil should be replaced one month after the first operation of the fan, and then it should be replaced once every 1 to 2 months. Of course, it can also be replaced according to the actual situation.

When using the fan at ordinary times, we should pay attention to the matters needing attention and use the fan reasonably and normatively, so as to play the role of the fan and prolong its service life.

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